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NEW Venom Power. NEW NVMe SSD Powered Drives. We provide unmatched Performance which results in improved SEO, faster WordPress and E-Commerce website loading speeds, and better end-user browsing experience all while delivering an unrivaled level of customer service.

Geradalogistics deploys all SSD Web Hosting plans on ultra-powerful Intel E5 powerhouse servers. With blazing-fast speeds and the peace of mind our free remote backups offer, you can focus on growing your business without worrying about the technical details that we’re here for. You also have the choice of picking a plan that is Venom Powered which results in websites loading up to 30X% faster than the conventional web hosting environments found on the internet.

This means blazing-fast WordPress website loading speeds as well as lightning-quick Non WordPress websites. We’re able to achieve this using the latest in SSD technology, the new NVMe SSD drives that can achieve unparalleled disk speeds!

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