Ways to Make Your Website Super-Fast

Nothing is more frustrating than a slow website.

A slow website is bad not only for the end-user, but also for search engine optimization (SEO). Meaning, it can cause your website to rank lower in search engine results. That translates to fewer page views and less ad revenue or customer conversion for you.

Below I share nine ways you can make your website load faster. While this article shares some general tips, it also includes some for WordPress sites only. Throughout the article, I indicate clearly which tips are for WP users, and which can be for everyone.

To make it easier to move around the article, here is a table of contents:

  1. Improve your hosting plan
  2. Understand HTTP requests
  3. Make images internet-friendly
  4. Use plugins sparingly (WP sites only)
  5. Cut down on external scripts
  6. Optimize JS and CSS files
  7. Take advantage of caching
  8. Eliminate website baggage
  9. Use a content delivery network (CDN)


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