What is internet?

Internet refers to the huge network that links together many networks all over the world, Telephone lines and cables connect networks all over the world to form an internet. The server sends the message to router, which sends the same message to another router until it reaches to the intended destination.

The historical background of Internet

The history of Internet can be traced back from US Department of defense project called ARPANET which means (Advanced research project Agency Network) in 1969. The main reason was exchange of information between researchers in this project

Is internet owned by a single person?

No individual person owns the internet, instead it consists of independently maintained and administered networks, and each network on the internet is responsible for formulating its own policies, procedures and rules.

How the internet works?

To connect the internet you need both hardware and software.

Internet hardware requirements include the following:

(a) A Computer (workstation),

(b) A MODEM (acronym for Modulator and Demodulator). This is a device used to convert the digital data from the computer into analogue data that can be transmitted over a telephone line. When the data gets to the end of the line, a MODEM converts the analogue data back into digital Data that a computer can process at the end of line

(c) Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Is a company that is directly connected to the global network and gives a user with access to the internet, usually for fee (payment). ISP has a computer that is already on the network is known as Host Computer.

(d) Communication link (via telephone, cable, satellite etc).

Internet software requirements include the following:

  1. a) Transmission Control protocol /Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

Is a set of rules that defines how computers communicate with each other to transfer data from one computer to another over the internet. It is usually a 32-bit address consists of four sets of up to three digits each separated by full stops. Example ; (b) Internet Protocol Addresses (IP Address);

Each computer on the internet has a unique address that identifies as a Node of the global internet, so the information can be sent to it.

(c)Web search engines:

Search engine is the program that designed to help a user to find information on the internet. (d) Web browsers: Web browser is a program that allows a user to access, view and send hypertext and hypermedia documents on the web. NB: Hypertext is a text which contains a link to another text












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